Gang Lin

Mr. Lin is a Co-founder and Advisor of EL Capital, he has over 30 years of venture capital and technology operation experience, he was the investment advisor for IDG Technology Venture Investment, where he helped IDGVC successfully invest in Superdata Software Holdings Ltd and China's NO.2 software company Kingdee International Software Group, and brought them to IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Market. He was one of the key managers for IDGVC's early expanded investments in China and directly involved in more than 20 investments.

Mr. Gang Lin, is a co-founder and serves as a board director for Superdata Software Holdings Ltd, which went public in Hong Kong Stock Market and later was a buyout by a US hedge fund; Mr. Lin also had founded Beijing Qiandao Software, a pioneer in China's computer game industry and Qianfeng Electric Inc.; the two firms were sold to other investors. In his early career, Mr. Lin worked for state-owned Beijing Stone Group and Beijing Computer Industry Company. As a representative, he served 8 years in Chinese People's Consultative Conference Beijing Committee from 1991-1998. He went to Beijing Yibiaoju Zhigong College and earned a diploma in 1983.